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IAS combines analytical and critical thinking skills with risk mitigation and predictive analysis methods in order to find the right solutions that solve a problem, makes a difference and improves efficiencies and effectiveness. IAS strives to be an added-value service provider. We take the best of both worlds in technical and management knowledge and fusses them with proven experience to develop and provide the right solution for a problem while remaining on time and within budget. This holistic approach provides measurable results that ensure our customer’s success.


Though Innovative Advanced Solutions in Columbia, MD was established in 2005, we have more than 20 years of experience in implementing management and IT solutions. Our mission is:

To provide exceptional services and innovative solutions which ensure our customers are successful in accomplishing their goals and objectives.


  • Care About our Customer’s Success

  • Create an Environment That Fosters Innovative Solutions
  • Implement Kaizen Principle (Continuous Improvement) into Our Corporate Culture
  • Produce Results That Makes a Difference
  • Provide Measurable Performance Metrics
  • Provide Total Customer Satisfaction
  • Recognize that Quality Employees are Our Most Valued Assets

About: Not Available
  • Industry: IT-Software/Software Services
  • Functional Area: Cybersecurity
  • Role In Organization: President/CEO
  • Industries that I recruit for: IT Project Management, Business Analyst
  • Skills for which I recruit: Communication (written and verbal), Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), MVC, OOP, IT Project Management, .Net, Adaptability, SQL, Interpersonal, Analytical, Problem-solving, C#
  • Certifications that we hire for: PMP
  • Clearances that we hire for: Top Secret / SCI
  • Certifications that we sponsor: Not Available
  • Clearances that we Sponsor: Not Available
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General Application

Innovative Advanced Solutions / Columbia, MD, Washington, DC

Key Skills:  
SQLVB/VBA scriptingAgile software development, Technical Writing, Configuration, Problem-solving, Troubleshooting, Communication (written and verbal), C#, .Net, OOP, MVC, Decision-making

Viewed: 3 Applied: 3 Liked: 0

Database Development Admin

Innovative Advanced Solutions / Columbia, MD

Key Skills:  
Problem solvingCommunicationConfiguration

Viewed: 3 Applied: 0 Liked: 0

Senior Acquisition Specialist

Innovative Advanced Solutions / Columbia, MD

Key Skills:  

Viewed: 2 Applied: 0 Liked: 0

Contract Management Analyst

Innovative Advanced Solutions / Columbia, MD

Key Skills:  
OrganizationalAnalyticalProblem solving, Communication, Finance, Business Planning

Viewed: 3 Applied: 0 Liked: 0

IT Product / Project Manager

Innovative Advanced Solutions / Columbia, MD

Key Skills:  
CommunicationAnalyticalProblem solving, Technical

Viewed: 3 Applied: 0 Liked: 0