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Interclypse accepts high school internships but requires the students complete one of Exerceo's free working groups prior to starting the internship. The Intercylpse difference is our emphasis on employee growth and development through continuous learning, mentorship, and empowerment. Interclypse employees grow in a positive cultivating work environment with endless career opportunities. Let Interclypse empower you by putting you in the driver seat of your career. We look forward to having you join our team.

Interclypse takes an innovative approach to attract and identify top-notch talent. We have partnered with Exerceo as a Sustaining Partner of Exerceo's CybersecuritySoftware Development, and DevOps working groups, and have empowered our employees, and our company, using Exerceo's process of Cultivation (learn more here). Exerceo offers free online engagement through its Rising Professional Challenge Series and Rising Leaders Challenge Series.

For candidates who are not quite ready technically for a full-time position (but have the right attitude and desire to work in our field), Interclypse does offer its own in-house Interclypse Professional Development Program, a tool used to ramp up the skills and abilities of the right candidates quickly. Paid work is available to participants of the Professional Development Program in the form of internships, part-time, project-based stipends, and even temporary assignments.


The Professional Development Program is an immersive environment and "Immersion" is our handcrafted unique formula for success that has been refined continuously since 2007. Following the model of Cultivation, Interclypse's Professional Development Program, seeks to provide candidates an open nurturing environment to continue honing their skills both technical and managerial. The Immersion experience exposes candidates to a variety of challenges throughout the process. We have often been heard reminding participants: if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

Participation in the Professional Development Program (usually) follows completion of one of the Information Technology Working Groups offered by Exerceo and combines continued learning, multifaceted mentorship, and hands-on-experience in an environment of Cultivation that yields a truly exclusive experience! Participants in the Professional Development Program very often learn working on real-life information technology solutions for customers who have the desire to help others excel in the information technology field or constrained and limited resource for high priority projects. The work performed by the Professional Development Program thus benefits our clients but equally benefits our staff by building their qualifications for more technical, more demanding, and higher paying contract positions at our managed service client sites.

One of the many unique and awesome characteristics of this experience is that each candidate is in the driver seat controlling their own success with the inputs being the time and energy. The successful employees engaged through the Professional Development Program and excel in the Immersion experience are the ones who take control and, from our studies, invest a minimum of six to twelve months in the process.

Upon Successful completion of the Incubator candidates will be able to place the following blocks on their resume (note this is the minimum block; often times we can add skills and technologies to this block based on the candidate’s participation).

IT Working Group, ExerceoSeptember YYYY to December YYYY

  • Unix/Linux (Fedora/CentOS/RedHat)
  • Revision Control Systems (practical exercises with Git)
  • Build Tools (Maven)
  • Unit Testing (JUnit)
  • Continuous Integration (Jenkins)
  • Logging Frameworks
  • Design Patterns (Factory, Singleton, Prototype, Adapter, and Decorator)
  • Soft Skills
    • Communications
    • Mentorship
    • Career Development

Software Developer Intern, InterclypseSeptember YYYY to December YYYY

The Incubator was formed to immerse candidates in an environment where they can gain relevant hands on experience working on real world technical projects with mentorship from technical industry leaders.

  • Installed Fedora Linux on laptop as working environment day to day using the command line to scp and ssh access servers
  • Configuration Management using Git
  • Installed Apache HTTPD locally to test PHP based websites while changing both PHP, HTML, CSS, and MySQL/MariaDB
  • Updating images on Linux using Gimp

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Pursuing High School Diploma

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  • Need a company that cares about your goals, deadlines, and budget as much as you do? Interclypse takes pride in helping our customers solve their most important objectives. Our most rewarding engagements occur when we collaborate with the customer's on-site team to ensure a successful future. Our mentorship of the processes and technologies provide a successful transition after our help is no longer required.


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  • Job Title: High School Internships
  • Job details: Posted on: March 19, 2023 12:15 PM Company Name: Interclypse
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